Dear Members,

Yes, you read it right, We are allowing deposits from Solid Trust pay (STP)
again via I-Payout. We heard your concerns and we talked to the STP Owners and
have arrived at a solution that should be beneficial for everyone.

Here is how it is going to work. You will again have the option to deposit
funds via STP in your I-Payout back office. Once the funds are in your I-payout
backoffice, you can send them to wealth4all as per the procedures already
in place.

Now, in order for this to work for everyone and for wealth4allteam not to have
a big percentage of the money coming in locked in the STP accounts, we will
control the balance ratio on the STP account by opening and closing that deposit
option as necessary. let me explain, let say that the STP deposit option has
been open for 3 weeks and we see that $300,000 has come in via STP but we have
only withddrawn $70,000 from that account, we will choose to close the deposit
option for a week or two until we get the balance more in line. Once the balance
ratio returns to a more normal state, then we will re-open the deposits via STP
again. We will do this periodically on an as needed basis.

This will allow people having problems depositing funds from some countries with the options we have made available easier and allow more new people to come in.

Thank you again for being a valued Wealth4allteam affiliate!
Wealth4allteam Managment


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